Spaghetti Bolognese

Not so long ago, I made my very first Spaghetti Bolognese ever.

Hell, I never even cooked anything with mince before.

I’ve been a fan of mince for a couple of years now and I had no idea how good it was ans what I was missing out on. Now it’s one of my favourites, along with a couple of other mince dishes.

I was a very fussy eater in my childhood. I would only eat certain foods. Didn’t eat all of my veggies. Never ate a lot of fruit either. I hated mince with a passion. Never liked the way it smelled when it was being cooked.

But now my favourite mince dishes are the Bolognese and beef tacos. I can eat about 6 tacos. They are so delicious.

The Bolognese sauce is a secret family recipe that I’m only just learning to make. But I can tell you that it is certainly easier than I thought it was. I did have some help, some verbal instructions. I didn’t have a written recipe at all.

Oh and cutting the onions for this sauce were a killer. I’ve become sensitive to the sulphur from the onion. Even eschalots can make me cry sometimes.






And the best and only way to tell when I’m enjoying my spaghetti Bolognese is by getting the sauce all over my face.  (sorry, I have no photo of that – but that’s probably a good thing).


I hope I didn’t make you guys too hungry after that.

~ Wendy




2 thoughts on “Spaghetti Bolognese

    1. There are a few different types of mince as in Beef, pork, lamb, chicken mince etc. Basically it’s meat that is ground up using a machine, and minced into tiny pieces. And you can use mince in a variety of dishes.


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