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Hanging with Berries

I have a thing for berries. And I love having my Mixed Berry smoothie when I have some frozen packets of mixed berries in the freezer. I even add a scoop of Vanilla Rapid loss. Gives it that sweet taste I love and I don’t need to add sugar!

I can’t wait to have my own berry garden in my forever home. At the moment, my household is growing strawberries and black mulberries and I would love to grow others. But that would mean that I need to buy more pots and soil. And of course, more types of berries.

But have you ever wondered exactly how many types of berries are out there?

I have, and today I’m going to name them. Some you know very well and some has been classified as a super food.

Then there are the ones we don’t know. And some of these are even toxic. Which I’ve changed the colour of the writing to red.

So here is a list of 52 berries that I have found.



  1. Acai Berry
  2. Amla/ Amalika/ Indian Gooseberry
  3. Baneberry
  4. Barbados cherry
  5. Barberry
  6. Bearberry
  7. Bilberry
  8. Bittersweet
  9. Blackberry
  10. Blueberry
  11. Black Mulberry
  12. Boysenberry
  13. Buffalo berry
  14. Bunchberry
  15. Chokeberry
  16. Chokecherry
  17. Cloudberry
  18. Cowberry
  19. Cranberry
  20. Currant
  21. Dewberry
  22. Elderberry
  23. Farkleberry
  24. Goji berry
  25. Gooseberry
  26. Grape
  27. Holly berry
  28. Huckleberry
  29. Indian Plum
  30. Ivy berry
  31. Juneberry
  32. Juniper berry
  33. Lingonberry (also known as Cowberry)
  34. Logan Berry
  35. Mistletoe berry
  36. Nannyberry
  37. Oregon Grape
  38. Persimmon
  39. Pokeberry
  40. Privet berry
  41. Raspberry
  42. Red Mulberry
  43. Salmonberry
  44. Strawberry
  45. Sugarberry
  46. Tayberry
  47. Thimbleberry
  48. White Mulberry
  49. Wineberry
  50. Wintergreen
  51. Yew berry


Did I miss any berries? Which are your favourites? How many do you actually know? Do you grow your own?

I’d love to know =)



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