Hair Bow Obsession

Last week, I had a little holiday with my sister, she came up to Brisbane for Ekka. It was an early Christmas present from her. She booked the hotel rooms, bought dinners for me and payed for some of my new clothes.

Now I am back and ready to do more posts.

I have got a confession to make.  I am a hoarder. I like collecting things. Books, key rings, scarves, plushies, hair bows and many other things.

I love my hair bows. I know how to make them, I love to sell them. And I love buying them for myself.

While in Brisbane, I found one of those cube stores that is becoming popular these days. And this kawaii store sold heaps of cool things. Especially hair bows. So what did I do? I bought a few…  Ok maybe more than a few.

The bows are from Lavender Latte 


If you love the geekiness check out their site. And If you want to check (I’m only just starting out) you can head here at Craftydevil Crafts. I am thinking of changing the name at some stage.



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