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What I do to get rid of headaches

I absolutely hate headaches. And sometimes it takes me all day to get rid of one.

I have tried almost everything I can think of. Including over the counter meds. And I found a few remedies that actually work for me.

And sometimes, some extra sleep is required.

Today I’m going to tell you some of my methods to give you some relief from those annoying headaches.


  • Water


Just drinking some water can help relieve a headache. Some of my headaches are from not having enough water. So drink up!


  • Vicks Vapor Rub


I came across this little trick from Pinterest. And it does work, but only for a good few hours. This is really good trick if you need a quick fix for your morning errands.


  • Mint (of any form)


This with the Vicks is a good a really good combination together. The menthol and the mint gives you that calming and numb effect which aids relief. For me it works within 20 minutes and headache goes away for a couple of hours.


  • Sleep



If you have the time and you’re not going to feel guilty about the extra sleep. Sometimes that is all you need. Just a bit of extra sleep. And a dark, cool room also helps.  I only sleep if I have one of those headaches that require medication.


  • Ice Pack and Heat Pack

I absolutely love this one. This is my go to for when I get a really bad headache.
I get a couple of heat packs (that I heat up in the microwave for two minutes) and place my feet and I place an ice pack on my neck. I sit on the bed with my knees to my chest and my feet flat on the mattress and stay in that position for a good 20 minutes.

I can’t wait to show you how to make microwavable rice heat packs.  They are so easy! I hope to have a tutorial up soon.


  • Medications


Unfortunately there are those headaches that just won’t go away after trying all of the above mentioned. So sometimes you do need to pop those pills.  But if you do, please follow the instructions on the box.

And if those don’t work, then you should get an appointment with your doctor and they can give you something stronger.


I hope you found these remedies helpful as much as I do. And if you have any other ways to get rid of those pesky headaches, please share! I love to hear from you =)


~ Wendy



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