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My uses for Witch Hazel

Now I’m not endorsing the product, but merely sharing my love for Witch Hazel.

I had already been using Witch Hazel to get smoother skin (which works amazingly btw) for about 2 years and for any bruises that pop up. But I love finding other great uses for it.
So I am going to share just some of my uses for Witch Hazel.


  • Smooth Skin

I totally recommend this for getting soft, smooth skin.  Not only do I use this as a face cleanser and toner. I also use this after my shower as a moisturizer.

  • Bruises and Scratches

OMG I cannot believe how good this works!  I just gently rub in (or use a makeup pad or cotton ball) some Witch Hazel on the bruise a few times a day. And (well for me) after a week it would look like you didn’t even have one!

  • Pimples

Witch Hazel is great on my pimples.  Helps reduces the redness and after a using it a few times a day for a about a week or even sooner it clears up.

  • Sunburns

I love this stuff on my sunburns.  It soothes and cools the burn. And it stops the skin from peeling.  Apply a few times a day until the sunburn is gone.

  • Stretch Marks

I have pretty bad stretch marks from just growing.  I rub Witch Hazel on my stretch marks after every shower and some of them have disappeared.

There you have it!

Just some of my uses for Witch Hazel.  Now I just wish they come in bigger bottles. Or maybe I might have to look into making my own. (Keep watching my blog for a fuure witch hazel recipe.)

What do you use witch hazel for?

~ Wendy



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