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How I cured a sore throat


Sore throats. We all get them.

And we all hate them.

About three weeks ago, I started to get a dry but scratchy throat, and for me that is usually a sign that I was getting a cold.  So I started doing some of my homemade remedies and started drinking lemon tea and anything that had heaps of garlic.

I had already talked to my doctor about the beginnings of a sore throat and I left with “It’s only a minor infection. It doesn’t require antibiotics.  Just keep doing what you’re doing.”

And so I did, and guess what? I had gotten worse by the weekend. The scratchy throat was so bad that it hurt to swallow.


I kept taking the lemon tea but after a while, it stopped working.  So I tried another homemade remedy, but that too, didn’t work either. The salt gargle was helping only slightly.

After searching and searching on Pinterest, I thought I found my answer.

PicMonkey Collage
It was a concoction of Listerine and Hydrogen Peroxide that I had found over at The Creative Homemaker. But I had a little problem. I had no Hydrogen Peroxide. So I thought maybe, just maybe, the Listerine would work without it.

So I gargled a little bit and let the Listerine sit in back of my throat for a few seconds until I could no longer handle the burning and spat out the mouth wash.

I was a little scared to swallow.  But I did. And I was expecting a lot of pain.

But there wasn’t any.

No pain.


So I kept doing this a few times a day.

But there was another little trick that helped. When it was too soon to do a Listerine gargle. I would go and make myself a coffee.

Flat White Coffee

Yep. A simple flat white coffee.

The hot water and the warm milk helped soothe my throat, but it also perked me up.

I no longer felt like death and the coffee didn’t make me jittery. You can thank my Hypothyroidism for that. I can sleep through anything these days.

So after a week of gargling Listerine and drinking coffee, I was back to myself.  No more sore throat.

I now know what to do if I get another sore throat and hopefully I get to try the Listerine concoction with the Hydrogen Peroxide and I can tell you all how that goes .

I’d also love to hear your home remedies on sore throats!

~ Wendy



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